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Starting up, the first step in the company's history. Work on wind energy.

In 2011, PAD RES completed its first successful transaction, which was the sale of the Mazovia Wind Farm, a 120 MW project in central Poland (80 MW in the operational phase) to EDP͏ Renewables Polska.

In 2012, the company developed the 54 MW Ilza Wind Farm project with a GPO substation (27 Vestas V90 turbines) in Central Poland. The farm was built in 2013 by EDP Renewables Poland and GEO Renewables. In the same year, PAD RES developed and sold to WSB Group the 42 MW - Racibórz project in southwestern Poland, consisting of 13 turbines of 3.2 MW each.

In 2013, cooperation with Italy's ERG Renew SpA began. In 2014/2015, two projects were successfully completed: Szydlowo 14 MW and Slupia 26 MW, both with GPO substations. PAD RES led these projects up to the construction readiness phase (RTB).

Laszki Wind Farm with a total capacity of 36 MW located in Podkarpackie Voivodeship - construction readiness was achieved, environmental decision and final PnB were obtained in an area very sensitive in terms of public sentiment and environmental conditions. All necessary documentation was obtained, which was developed in close cooperation with the Rzeszow RDOŚ.

In 2015, the company acted as a substitute investor on behalf of ERG, overseeing the entire process of construction of the Słupia and Szydłowo WFs. PAD RES's responsibilities included obtaining administrative decisions, energy production licenses, the construction process, etc. This year saw the completion of the development of the 12 MW - Little Racibórz wind farm project in southwestern Poland.

In 2016, a 2 MW PV plant project located in the village of Guja was developed. In the same year, Slupia Wind Farm was expanded by another 6 MW (3 x Vestas V100 2 MW).

In 2017, thanks to the cooperation initiated in 2012 with Griffin Real Estate - one of the largest commercial real estate developers in Central Europe, PAD RES successfully completed contracts signed with commercial real estate developers, gaining more and more experience in complex volume construction projects.

In 2018, PAD RES focused more attention on the PV market due to its growth. A JV company called Claritas Poland Energy BV was established. A portfolio of about 50 MW of PV projects was built, of which 35 MW won the auction and 15 MW were prepared for the next auction. In addition, projects with "ready to build" (RTB) status with a total capacity of 80 MW were waiting in the queue

PV power plants with a total capacity of 9 MW have been built, thanks to the acquisition of financing for the 2018 auction winners. Further projects were prepared for construction with a total capacity of 24 MW. PV projects with a total capacity of 21 MW were acquired from the market and optimization of maintenance of existing PV plants was developed.

After winning the auction, construction of the Laszki wind farm with a capacity of 36 MW began. At the end of the year, together with the pan-European renewable energy developer CLARITAS, PAD RES participated in one of the largest transactions in the renewable energy market in Poland. The sale of 206 MW of photovoltaic projects to Columbus Energy was also finalized.

In cooperation with Columbus Energy, the company completed the construction of photovoltaic farms with a total capacity of 28 MW, including the Januszkowice 9 MW project. The Genowefa 35 MW PV project was prepared for construction. In the middle of the year, PAD RES established close cooperation with Kajima Europe. The sale of 40 projects to Sun Farming took place in December. The entire year closed with a developed portfolio of projects with connection conditions with a total capacity of 200 MW and with projects with a total capacity of 700 MW in development.

In 2022, PAD RES increased its involvement in the renewables sector through the acquisition of 10 projects with a total capacity of 250 MW, taking into account their grid connection conditions. In addition, the company has started the construction of the Genowefa Photovoltaic Farm, while securing the financing of the project through cooperation with reputable financial institutions such as Santander Bank Polska and BNP Paribas Bank Polska. These decisions confirm PAD RES's ability to successfully integrate investment activities with the green energy transition in Poland.

PAD RES has reached key milestones in the development of clean energy sources in 2023: An agreement with the Polish Development Fund (PFR) for PLN 240 million for the construction of two photovoltaic farms with a total capacity of 117 MW in northern Poland. Agreements with ONDE S.A. for the construction of two photovoltaic power plants "Luszowice" (6 MW) and "Braniewo" (6.23 MW). Sale of the Genowefa Photovoltaic Farm (35 MW) near Konin, enabling the supply of green energy to 17,500 households.

In 2024, we will focus on further strengthening our role in Poland's energy transition, introducing innovative clean energy projects, increasing green power, and continuing our mission in building a sustainable future. The PAD RES team is guided by the idea that our investments are a milestone in shaping a new green reality.


Our mission

PAD RES's mission is to lead the energy transition through investment and development of innovative projects based on renewable energy sources. Our involvement includes photovoltaic and wind farms and the exploration of alternative energy sources. We believe that innovation is the key to creating a sustainable future, so we focus on transparency, partnership and accountability, creating an environment conducive to the development of green energy sources for the benefit of our planet.


The implementation of RES projects consists of many stages through which it requires focus on various necessary aspects. We pay attention to all legal regulations, at every step of project development. See exactly what our work consists of.

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We know that the implementation of a RES project can seem complicated. If you have a project you would like to carry out see what terms of cooperation we offer or contact us right away.

Our funding sources

In September 2021. Griffin Capital Partners (formerly Griffin Real Estate) together with Kajima Europe, a real estate investment and development company in Europe, acquired a 72% stake in PAD-RES. As agreed, the platform focuses on developing existing projects and acquiring new ones. Griffin Capital Partners is a co-owner of the platform and the management company. The transaction has allowed PAD RES to significantly increase its financial capabilities. Griffin Capital Partners is the largest private, most dynamic and innovative private equity investor and asset management firm specializing in real estate in Central and Eastern Europe. Thanks to this cooperation, we can implement all our investments immediately after obtaining the necessary documents. Currently, we are a tycoon in the RES industry in Poland, with a constantly growing portfolio of projects under procedure and completed.

Business partners

Cooperation with business partners is a key element of our business. Through close-knit cooperation, we achieve greater goals and together contribute to the development of sustainable energy solutions. Meet our valued partners who, together with us, are creating a future based on renewable energy sources.



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