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Collaboration with PAD RES

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Together we are creating a sustainable energy future. We invite you to work with us on Power Purchase Agreements PPAs, which involve the direct purchase of electricity from a Renewable Energy Sources (RES) generator. They allow you to set a long-term price for electricity with lower volatility than the market. The PPA formula allows you to reduce, if not completely eliminate, the risks and challenges facing today's businesses.

Forms of cooperation

Purchase of the project

We offer the possibility to buy back the project and develop it with attention to the smallest details. Our experience in the design, construction and management of photovoltaic and wind farms allows us to take a professional approach to each project and provide the highest quality service. When developing your project, we make every effort to meet all your requirements and expectations, while ensuring compliance with current regulations and standards. We pay great attention to optimizing your project in terms of cost, efficiency and sustainability.

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We offer PPAs to our customers. This is a power purchase agreement that provides our customers with constant and predictable electricity prices throughout the term of the contract. We offer our customers flexible PPAs, which we customize according to their individual needs and expectations. The cooperation will be based on the principle of partnership and long-term cooperation, so we focus on transparency and honesty in all our activities.


Land lease

If you own land and want to use it in a sustainable way, we encourage you to work with us. Leasing land for photovoltaic or wind farms is not only an opportunity for additional income, but also for active participation in building a future in which care for the environment will be key.

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