Benefits and Diversity of Solutions with PAD RES In today's dynamic business environment, staying competitive and optimizing costs are key challenges for companies. In response to these needs, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) offered by PAD RES are becoming not only a sensible choice, but also a strategy to achieve electricity price stability and a commitment to a green future.

Types of PPAs

The contract can be customized to your needs depending on the distance of the energy source from where it needs to be delivered or the method of delivery.

Physical PPAs

PPAs based on actual energy deliveries allow direct purchase of electricity from the producer. The selling price is determined by a factor or fixed price.

Financial (Virtual) PPAs

Contracts based on differential mechanism are based on financial transactions, responding to the volatility of the energy market. The generator sells energy on the wholesale market or to a selected trading company.

Different Price and Quantity Variants

PPAs offer different price (indexed price, price corridor) and quantity (pay-as-produced, pay-as-contracted, pay-as-consumed) options.

Benefits of a PPAs

1. Energy Price Stability: PPAs provide stable and predictable energy prices over a long period of time, enabling companies to plan budgets with greater certainty.
2. Protection from Market Fluctuations:Energy price fluctuations in the market are no longer a concern, thanks to long-term protection against sudden cost increases.
3. Emission Reduction: The use of renewable energy from RES contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, supporting the Sustainable Development Goals.
4. Support for Green Goals: PPAs allow companies to engage in green initiatives and provide opportunities for active participation in the energy transition.
5. Tailoring to Individual Needs:*PAD RES offers the flexibility to tailor PPAs to individual customer needs, enabling solutions to be tailored to specific requirements. 

PPAs offered by PAD RES are not only a solution for the current business environment, but also a step towards a sustainable energy future. They enable companies to achieve electricity price stability while supporting greenhouse gas reduction targets. As a leader in the clean energy sector, PAD RES relies on innovation, partnerships and flexibility to help companies achieve a sustainable energy future.

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